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I have been thinking for a long time about how I should recount this unique experience, our meeting with the Theatre Company Yohangza from Seoul. . It is quite a challenge because I will not be able to deliver all the feelings and emotions that we experienced during our time next to them. I will try to tell you briefly how the days we spent together have passed. Maybe I should start by introducing them:
Actors: Kabi – Jeong Hae Kyun, Ik – Kim Eun Hee, Ajumi – Jeong Ha Eun, Dodori 1 – Jeon Jung Yong, Ru – Jang Hyeon Seok, Hang – Kim Jin Kon, Dot – Kim Ji Yeon, Byeok – Nam Seung Hye, Dodori 2 – Kim Sang Bo
Technical Crew: Director: YANG Jung Ung, Sound Director – Lee Bum Hun, Lighting Director – Yeo Kuk Kun, Stage Manager – Lee Eun Kyu, Sub-Director – Cho Hyo Jeong, Make-up Assistant – Lee Seung Hwan
Tour Manager: Lee Hee Jin

Saturday, April 21, 11:55 PM, Otopeni Airport
Arrival to Romania. Nickky waited for them at the airport with a placard and greeted them with “Welcome!” It was their first meeting with the Romanian fans.

Sunday, April 22, 1:00 PM
I and Mircea, together with two volunteers of the festival, Diana and Alina, we waited for them at the Hotel Jiul from Craiova to convey them to the theatre. When they heard „Annyeonghaseyo” , they looked rather puzzled. So we told them briefly about AIRC and Koreafilm and they were very glad to find out about our existence. Afterwards we paid a short visit to the National Theatre, then heading to the Opera and Operetta Theatre where their performance had been scheduled.

They met the technical staff of the theatre and they started testing: lighting, sound, stage, etc. The actors started to prepare their stage equipment.

Although exhausted after 30 hours of flight and the time zone change, they worked all day. We had “lunch” at 18:00, in the beautiful building of “Casa Universitarilor”. We were lucky there too. In another hall there was a wedding, so we took advantage of the opportunity and we showed them a bit of our traditions. A few of them even joined the “hora” (traditional round dance).

We came back at the theatre for a couple more hours.

Monday, April 23
It was a day of preparations and rehearsals. This was the day when the actors learned their first lines in Romanian. We rehearsed together pronunciation, accent and interpreting. In the beginning I did not understand why they were doing this, but later on I got my explanation… You will also find out from the interview I took to the director YANG Jung Ung.

Because they take their work very seriously, they refused to go somewhere to have lunch so we made a sort of “picnic” at the venue. Only the make-up assistant, Lee Seung Hwan, had a free day so we went for a stroll in the Botanical Garden and downtown. They told me they were very impressed by our blue sky… by the fact that here you can see the sky so clearly and beautifully.

Our working day ended around 6 pm when we quickly went to grab something to eat because we wanted to see „Sonetele lui Shakespeare” directed by Robert Wilson and the performance of Berliner Ensamble from Germany. This was the opening day of the Festival, so we met several local, national and international personalities, including the President of the “International Association of Theatre Critics”, Professor Yun Cheol-Kim from South Korea.
After the show, they got another surprise. We told them someone wanted to meet and speak to them… four of the instrumentalists from the German orchestra were Korean. The meeting was very touching.

Tuesday, April 24 – The Big Day
Once again preparations, the finalisation of the last stage details, run-through, make-up… and obviously the performance… Celine and her daughter Betty also showed-up at the rehearsal. The little girl has conquered them all.

I posted some pictures from the show on Facebook. To fully understand the story, I invite you to read one of the chronics, published on, „Festival Diary: A midsummer night’s dream… with sarmale, piftii şi mămăligă”.

I think the pictures from after the show are even more beautiful, as well as those during their greeting of the audience and, especially of their fans, members of AIRC Club (Romanian-Korean Intercultural Association) from Craiova and the autograph session.

And since one must always celebrate a success, regardless of fatigue, we knocked together a mini party at the hotel. This was the moment when the Korean people found out in more detail about what AIRC and Koreafilm mean. They always said they marvelled at how much we know about their culture, history and civilization.

Wednesday, April 25
After a few hours of rest, we went on a sightseeing tour of the city. We visited the Department of Natural Sciences of Oltenia Museum, then the Department of History with the exquisite temporary exhibition “Silver Masterpieces”, a collection of Brukenthal Museum from Sibiu; along the way to “Casa Baniei – Department of Ethnography of the Museum”, we halted at the Episcopal Cathedral “Madona Dudu”.
A plentiful lunch with Romanian cuisine followed.

Next, there was “free time for shopping”, and in the evening a few of them went to a night of Symphonic Rock and Electronic music.

Thursday, April 26
Old and young, we went for a promenade in the National Park “Nicolae Romanescu”. Obviously, the other fans were present too. For two hours we admired the nature, we took pictures, we stopped for a beer or a juice…

After all the walking we started to get hungry so went to the Chinese Restaurant. From 18:00 we watched „Romeo and Juliet”, a dance-theatre performance presented by “Studio M” from Sf Gheorghe town, choreographed by Peter Uray. Starting at 20:30, there was another „Romeo and Juliet”, performance, this time played by the Municipal Theatre troupe from Vilnius (Lithuania), directed by Oskaras Korsunovas.
Those who still had a little energy left went dancing after the performance. Late at night, a few kilometres away from Craiova, under a sky full of stars, we admired the city lights.

Friday, April 27
During the day, the schedule was quite flexible, strolls and shopping for some and rest for the others. Part of the troupe went to the Oltenia Philharmonic to watch „The Power of Seduction – Richard III” , later on, at 20:00 there was a spectacle of the National Theatre of Craiova, „The Tempest”, directed by Silviu Purcărete.
A few of us went to a Romanian restaurant a few kilometres away from Craiova, returning just in time to watch the second act of the play from TNC (National Theatre Craiova).
And so has this day passed…

Saturday, April 28 – Separation Day
At 9.45 AM we were all gathered in front of Hotel Jiul, being barely able to believe that all had come to an end. We said goodbye with tears in our eyes and with the promise that we would all meet again as soon as possible.

This is the end of this short diary… I am sure I was not able to deliver everything… there is still much more to be told, but I did not want to bore you.
I can only say that this has been an extraordinary experience that we will remember for a long time from now on. The director also confessed that this was the warmest and most enjoyable memory of all the international performances they have ever had.

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