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Reborn KF

Published on septembrie 30, 2011 with 3 comentarii

We start a new series dedicated to Korean artists and the first of them is ReBorn, a singer and a producer, who debuted with his mini album called ” Born to Soul” in April this year.

KoreaFilm: First of all, thank you very much for accepting the interview!
How are you today? How’s the weather?

ReBorn: Having great days but busy T.T.
It’s getting hot these days but I like it. I love summer. Perfect weather for picnic.

KF: Your stage name is Reborn, why did you choose it and what does it means to you?

RB: I was a kind of fool guy before I start music. Making trouble all day, didn’t do anything right and lived without a goal. After making music, completely changed. That’s why I called my self Re-born. Yes. I was reborn by music.

KF: Can you please provide us a brief background of your history as a producer?

RB: It took almost 6 month for making 6 tracks. I really tried to make one as I’ll never regret.
Drum, piano, string vocal. Every part of songs were fixed many times. Even in mixing and mastering. I visited a professional mixing engineer. However I didn’t like the sound. So I put them in the trash and visited another engineer. It mixed well finally. It’s come out to the world.

KF: What is music to you?

RB: So many people have asked me this . I can’t say the right answer and can’t just define it with one word. I can’t think my life without music.

KF: When did you realize that you want to make music?

RB: Well, I don’t know when it was exactly. I think I liked music since I was really little. One day, suddenly I thought ‘what if I make music?’ I started it after that day and it’s been almost 10 years.

KF: You recently released your first mini album ‘Born to Soul’. Could you describe your top 3 favorite songs from the album in 3 words each? (Or all the songs, each in 3 words?)

RB: ‘She’s in Paris’ – every fruit mix (tried to put every sound of music in this song. Jazz, hiphop, R&B, pop)
‘you with me’ – love you forever
I’m sorry – I am sorry ( haha I wrote the lyric to say ‘I am sorry’ that’ why)

KF: The song “You with me” is somehow sad but at the same time it gives the listener a calm and happy feeling. Could you describe the story behind the song?

RB: There is a man who has been so fool to his girlfriend. One day, he realized how important she is, how much he loves her and needs her. It’s a love letter saying what he did wrong to her and how he will do better to her.

KF: MeloDeep Records was established by you on 26th April 2011, in the future what kind of artists would you like to produce?

RB: The singer who makes listener’s heart wave. The skill is not important. It’s only the matter of time if you practice. But the feeling, a singer has, it’s not a thing you can get with trying. I’m still looking for a singer like this, haven’t found anyone yet.

KF: If you hadn’t chosen to become a musician, is there something else you had thought of doing?

RB: Just an ordinary business man maybe? There’s nothing I like without music there’s nothing I can’t do either..

KF: What are you currently doing besides music?

RB: There are so many things to do since my album got out to the world. I thought something else, not music, is not that important. But now, since I hear fan’s voice from the oversea. Many things I have to do pops up from so many where. But I’m happy with it. I’m loved by someone at least.

KF: Koreafilm.ro promotes Korean culture in its diversity, and the music is an important part. If our readers were to visit Korea, could you recommend them some places where they can listen to quality music, as well as ways of entertainment for them during their stay?

RB: Try visit Hong-Dae. There are many clubs and concert holes and also good musicians. The show opens on every Friday in every club. Easy to find and get in because there are so many!

KF: What are your future plans?

RB: I’ll have a concert on 9th Oct. and there will be a single album on Sep. I have many featuring works for other singers. Please keep your ears on me.

KF: That would be all, thanks again for the interview, we can’t wait for your future projects !

Interview by DaEun.
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  1. nu inteleg cum reusiti sa luati legatura cu oamenii astia. Tot respectul dragii mei. Sunteti uimitori

  2. Thumbs up! :X

  3. I can’t wait to see what other artists will ‘visit’ us. Thank you, Koreafilm, for doing this for us.

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